You Want What For Christmas?


I am going to forgo today’s usual blog post on the topic of insomnia and other sleep loss related issues.

I would like to take a few minutes to talk about an incredible group of people I am involved with (Some wicked good up and coming internet marketers) and our latest adventures.

A few months ago I joined Pat O’Bryan’s Coaching program. Pat is an incredible guy, personally and professionally. In his coaching program there are many people like myself that want to improve how they do business on the internet, and also to improve their marketing skills.

One of our recent class projects was to come up with a product that we can promote, and start our own internet marketing business or improve on our existing ones.

I have tell you, WOW!

We have had some cool items produced!

Check these out!

*How to create the perfect YouTube video for marketing

*How to Rewire your brain to improve your life, (Self Talk For Winners)

*Anyone need some “Love Energy” to get some clarity in your life?

*How to make Soy candles (For all you crafty people out there)

*Would you like to “Think Yourself Thin?” (Holidays and the New Year is here!)

*Maybe you want to write a short story? What’s holding you back?

* Perhaps you just need a little Mind Vacation Meditation to relieve some stress

And so much more!

By the way, most of these products you can invest in for under $10.00!

You can view them here.

Well, now we have products, (there are approx 20 new products) our next step is to market them.

Some of us are already seeing improvements with traffic and also sales.

We are understanding what Pat means about having a Portable Empire. To me, it means Freedom. Freedom to run a business from anywhere. Freedom to take my knowledge and develop products from anywhere at anytime.

Freedom to enjoy life.

I have attended volleyball games of my daughter, and in between matches checked my email from my phone. It is so exciting to receive an email notifying you that you have received money in your paypal account because someone invested in your product to help them.

That is exciting!

So, “What Do You Want For Christmas?”

Chances are that this group of incredible people may have what you are looking for! That means, you can invest now, and receive their product immediately.

Please take a moment and see what these folks have for you. You can view ALL the products here.


Thomas “Trapper” Sherwood; CMH
Certified Master Hypnotist

PS… To join Pat’s Portable Empire Coaching Program, please click this link ==>

PPS… Listed below are some of the people from Pat’s Portable Empire Coaching program telling you their story, on their blogs. Please take a moment and visit theirs as well. Thanks!

Chuck Pennington

Claus Jensen:

Geoff’s Blog:

MJ’s Blog:

Kelly’s Blog:

Mountain Jim’s Blog:

Andy Dolph:

Martha Giffen:

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