Little Glands That Cause Big Sleeping Problems

Tossing and turning at night is certainly no way to live, especially if we have been doing it for quite some time.  Missing a few nights sleep because you have something on your mind it is never going to hurt you but if you’re dealing with sleepless nights on a regular basis, it can affect your entire life.  Not only do you miss out on the sleep that you need but you tend to go through life in kind of a haze, unable to really function as you should.  You might be surprised to find that there are a lot of little things that can cause big problems such as this.

Many of the little things that cause problems such as this are the glands that are inside of our body.  Some of the main glands that can affect our sleep include the pituitary, the thyroid and the pineal gland.  Although these glands are only several ounces in size each, they can cause major problems if they get out of balance.  Not only do they cause problems with sleeping, they can actually disrupt on our entire life.

The thyroid gland is responsible for so much in the body that it is often considered to be the rudder that steers it.  If we are dealing with hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, our sleep can be affected negatively.  Even Hashimoto’s disease which is not really a problem with the thyroid but rather a problem with tumors on the thyroid can cause it to function improperly.

The pituitary gland is what regulates the release of adrenaline into our system.  This can cause major problems for us because adrenaline will definitely keep you awake.  If we tend to stress unnecessarily, it may be a problem with our pituitary gland.  Then again, unnecessary stress can also be caused by a vitamin deficiency.  This is a problem that is best left to your doctor to diagnose.

Finally, we have the pineal gland.  This is a small gland that is located in the brain and it is responsible for releasing melatonin into your system.  Melatonin is a natural sleep hormone that is produced by this gland and it helps to regulate our internal clock.  If we are having a difficulty sleeping, melatonin or a lack of it may be to blame.  Either build up your hormone levels naturally or take it as a supplement in order to help you sleep.

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