Nutrition And Sleep, Do You Make These Mistakes?


Today’s post is the first time I have done something like this on this blog. Today I am very happy to introduce a guest blogger; Sheila Atwood. I am very happy and thrilled that Sheila accepted my invitation to do a guest post, and I think you will find her post interesting and valuable.

Nutrition And A Good Nights Sleep

Does stress and anxiety cause you to stay awake and worry? Are you in need of a good nights sleep?

Putting attention on the care of your body needs helps to alleviate stress and anxiety.

Water, protein, carbohydrates and fats are the essential nutrients the body requires. Vitamins also play an important role and the imbalance or the need for a particular vitamin can cause problems. For example the lack of vitamin C causes scurvy. The lack of vitamin B1 the nervous disorder, beriberi.

A good balanced vitamin regiment

Vitamin A 10,000 IU / Vitamin D 400 IU

Vitamin E 400 IU

Vitamin C 500 mg

Multi- mineral – with trace minerals 2 tablets

B complex 500 mg.

Having nightmares? Or restless sleep?

Take and extra 100 mg of B1 about 1 hour before bed.

A good nutritional regimen

  1. § Eat plenty of fresh raw fruits and vegetables.
  2. § Eat lean proteins; fish, chicken, lean beef.
  3. § Eat good fats; cold presses olive oil, grape seed oil and flax seed oil.
  4. § Eat whole grain cereals and bread.
  5. § Drink eight to ten glasses of water a day.
  6. § Stay away from processed foods.
  7. § Stay away from sugar.

Now I know you have heard all of that before. So start out with the simple things you can do right now and work on the rest. The key is to make it simple.

Eat fresh and make all of your carbohydrates count. Sugar and white flour are empty calories and deplete the body’s immune system.

The three parts of man are body, mind and spirit. Good nutrition will take your attention from your body, giving more power to the mind and spirit.

Start today to make the needed changes in your diet, nutrition and environment to alleviate stress in your life.

To a good nights sleep,

Sheila Atwood

Sheila has spent five years as a Medical Liaison Officer and has become hatted in using nutrition to care for and heal the body.

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